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By Really? (registered) | Posted September 05, 2009 at 16:52:07

What's wrong with more affordable housing around OTHER major transportation nodes in this City, not just Downtown!?

*Limeridge *Meadowlands (Maybe b/c 'the poor' like to hang their clothes on clotheslines?) *Mohawk College/Mountain Plaza *McMaster/Westdale ('Student Ghettos' don't count as 'affordable housing') *Valley Park/Upper SC (there are a couple, but not nearly a good enough mix)

I left out Eastgate because it's evident that the area is low-income as it is (especially around the Jerome Cres/Violent Dr area).

It wouldn't make much sense to stick low-income dwellers in areas that are not easily accessibly by Public Transit like, say Binbrook, but it sure makes sense to spread the concentration around Public Transit Nodes so a) Downtown isn't overwhelmed by too many low-income residents; b) They have easy access to Public Transit so they have an easier time getting to/from work without the need of an expensive vehicle; c) Create a wider sense of community/diversity by spreading everybody throughout the City.

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