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By jason (registered) | Posted September 05, 2009 at 12:27:17

scorby and grassroots I agree with you 100%.
If you don't think Hamilton has enough affordable housing, take a stroll pretty much anywhere from James to Centennial Pkwy. I'm all for affordable housing and welcome the new units proposed for my own street here in Strathcona neighbourhood.

However, at some point we run the risk of turning huge portions of downtown Hamilton into a ghetto. That doesn't benefit anyone, especially those who live there.

Furthermore, this is an iconic building that deserves an 'iconic' use. I realize Stinson's plan was too grand, but the fact is, the Connaught might be the only building in the city where his vision could be realized someday. Buildings like this have the potential to be eye-catching places that begin the change the image of a city.

Anyone I've spoken to agrees that a city is healthy by having a mix of people. If you really think that we are lacking subsidized housing units downtown, I'd be interested in hearing that explained for clarification.

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