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By synxer (registered) | Posted September 02, 2009 at 10:59:16

I consider myself a pretty positive Hamiltonian. In my workplace, I am the defacto Hamilton supporter, although others in my workplace and life see the inconsistencies of the negative drones that blanket the city.

You have to understand that a sub-heading such as "Its days as Steeltown are finished—but can Hamilton see its future?" is the exercise of the "Let us move on" movement.

When our economy started to flop and the steel mills shut down, I'll admit that there was a side of me wishing they would stay closed. I know for those who depend on these jobs that it sounds insensitive. But there is a bigger picture and a forecast that costs us all.

No matter how much we try to push the many incentives of Hamilton there will always be someone whispering in the ear of a fresh Hamilton entrepreneur: "Psst. Don't do it. This place stinks!". We constantly battle the negative sizzle while the proverbial "Hamilton steak" seasoning shakes itself over to Burlington, Toronto, etc.

Say what you want about Harry Stinson, but he has one thing correct about Hamilton. Negative Hamiltonians are a virus that eats its host alive until we all die, or evolve elsewhere.

Image is everything. I know it shouldn't be, but at this point it is painfully obvious it is.

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