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By C. Erl (registered) - website | Posted August 31, 2009 at 22:48:27

@ Rick Falkvinge

Hi Rick!

Those are some amazing arguments and do provoke quite a bit of thought. You actually fall into the same camp as one of my very close relatives, who passionately argues points similar to yours, calling for a major reform of the copyright system, but also less government involvement in his life.

Your arguments are very valid and do make sense from the stance you take, but the very left leaning crowd I associate make similar calls for copyright reform, but on different grounds.

Our position is that copyright simply benefits massive corporations instead of individual artists and the general public. Patents only enrich big pharma and keep the cost of life saving drugs too high for most people to afford. Essentially, people over profit does not work into copyright's guidelines.

I will admit you make a strong case for the libertarian aspect of the issue and I thank you for enlightening me further on the issue!

I haven't heard too much from specific Pirates, referring just to the Declaration and news coverage of their win in Sweden. Most of the opinions I heard were from left-leaning members.

Thanks again for the input!

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