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By nutty squirrel (anonymous) | Posted August 31, 2009 at 21:09:46

All parks should be leash free and not just a selected few.

When you designate certain parks to be leash free you are creating problems for the people who live near these parks. Why should someone who lives near these parks be subjected to strangers who do not live near the area showing up at all times of the day to park their car? Would you want cars driving up and down your streets because someone wants their dog to be off a leash? If all parks were leash free then it would allow people to use their closest park. We as tax-payers would then not have to pay for the upkeep of 'off-leash' parks - new fences, new sod etc.(maintenance that is necessary due to the large concentration of dogs in that park).

It should be up to the dog owner to make the decision if their dog can be off a leash. If your dog is off leash and it bites someone, then they are taking on the liability of the dog being off-leash.

We could also save money by not having to employ by-law officers to ticket people who are breaking the law of having their dog off-leash. I am not sure how much they make but I would bet that they make somewhere in the neighbourhood of parking officers (a little over $30/hr).

Do our local politicians not have anything else to work on during the day other than creating dog parks?

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