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By JonC (registered) | Posted August 31, 2009 at 19:58:14

Laws, both ridiculous or otherwise, are broken by most individuals on a daily basis. I did notice that you didn't argue the math I presented, so I assume you have conceded that an increase in lawful options results in a decrease of illegal behaviour. Your story about calls going unanswered is of course ridiculous. If it were true, you would demand to speak to a manager the next time you called and the lack of attention to your complaints would be dealt with. I can assure that complaints, valid or not, automatically become a managers number one priority. So I call bully on your sob story.

As for my own lawlessness, I do walk my dog off leash along our city's fine system of alley ways as well as non-zoned parks when not in use. My dog is obedient and returns on command, but I wouldn't have him off leash near activity or anyone that appeared uncomfortable. My mother is terrified of dogs, so I can appreciate the variance in comfort levels. And of course, I always bag poo. So do I break the law, sure. Hopefully in a way that doesn't bother anyone. I've never had someone complain, and I've had bike cops smile as they ride down the alley, looking for actual problems.

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