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By jc021286 (anonymous) | Posted August 31, 2009 at 18:27:27

Interesting read,

Myself I fall into the apathetic arena and wish to not engage in what I only see as 4 poor decisions. So I take solace in the 5th decision.

There is a big difference between sharing and stealing, borrowing and theft, though there is also the concern of artificial monopolies, corruption, protected industries, complexity. My argument is this, if I wished to work on a strand of cancer DNA in order to test a theory, I cannot without paying someone millions. We cannot do anything and time horizons of 15+ years is far too much. While people need to be paid and reimbursed for their works, they must also not create artificial monopolies that would permit extortion.

I agree that email and other forms of data need to have a higher extent of security on them, to bring them more in parallel with traditional. Though I would argue that the system for legitimate access by authorities needs to be stream lined. So police can access the information if needed whereas more protection is then available to prevent identity theft.

The incentive to create would need to be incorporated where it could easily take the form of a subsidy that is granted by any profit seekers, so that it is a forced royalty-subsidy for only 5 years, though anyone is free to use/innovate/create off of the original patent.

My main point is that there will still be protection for entrepreneurs, though also for consumers. Product lifecycles and innovation will speed up. We are in the 21st century, we have effectively cut down the time for huge advancements in technology from being centuries at a time to taking only several months to a few years. Think of it like this, since pirating became popular with the internet, the time from when the movie is no longer shown in theaters and comes out on its respective media has been cut drastically. Now I can own it sooner, whereas I would be waiting for an excessive amount of time until I got to see/own it. There is no point in having patents and copyrights that last some 30+ years when technology makes things obsolete in a matter of months or years.

The system is flawed, the people are unimpressive, the medium is confusing, cumbersome, faulty, wasteful and simplified with the adjective Microsoft-like. A revamp is required though I would be unsure if a tie-breaker party would hold enough sway to get the changes that are needed.

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