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By Rick Falkvinge (PP) (anonymous) | Posted August 31, 2009 at 16:16:50

Hi Chris,

interesting reading!

I'm kind of curious as to why you consider the Pirate Party's stance on copyrights and patents left-wing, though. Myself, I have practically a libertarian background, and oppose the current copyrights and patents for four reasons:

1) (copyrights only) they meddle with civil liberties, which should take precedence over any commercial monopoly;

2) ideological: they are commercial monopolies: government sanctioned private commercial monopolies, that have no place in a free market

3) capitalistic: if government should choose anyway to award the commercial monopoly, despite the harm to innovation and creativity resulting from forbidding everybody but the monopoly holder to use a certain mechanism or piece, they should at least charge a good market price for that commercial advantage, and not hand monopolies out like candy.

4) practical: they do not fulfill their stated purpose of being creativity and innovation boosters, but are relentless creativity and innovation inhibitors.

No matter how you angle it, I can't see this being "relentlessly leftwing".

Other pirates have their own reasons, and that's what makes us strong. Our points can be defended from many viewpoints. These are mine.


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