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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted August 27, 2009 at 20:24:52

Harry Stinson looks like he wanted to make his mark in Hamilton with an inspiring redevelopement statement. He at least put his money where his mouth was and gave it all he had. Major projects like this require numerous investors and take the project out of the hands of any one person. It didn't fly. Not his fault, but it is not going to happen for now. I am sure Harry has an accurate perception of what the public thinks of him. It may be coincidence but this may have motivated him to tackle an ambitious project but one on a scale that puts him totally in control. Or he could just be fed up with the uncertainty of joint ventures and seeking something he could break ground on. Either way or most likely a bit of both I am betting the Stinson School project will be completed. I hope it proves to Hamiltonians and Harry himself that sometimes a project does not have to have massive scale to be inspiring. That is a marvellous old building that could be a centerpiece showcasing the best in redevelopement. If he sets the bar that high.

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