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By city guy (anonymous) | Posted August 19, 2009 at 19:10:41

Wow, hard to comment on all the specific arguments posted so far but, here goes nothing. Lets first remember what the Stelco strike did to that company in 1990, cut the workforce in half. Bad.
Look what the Dofasco workers got all those years the Stelco union progressed. Good.
I am a taxpayer AND work for the city. I'm in a union and have a job where the health and safety act doesn't apply to all my working situations (fire) my fellow emergency workers, police and paramedics, also face conditions that are both dangerous and emotionally draining. We all earn approx. the same rate (average for a city worker) and each has it's specific union working for it's members towards it's specific needs. The city tends not to negotiate but rather take things to arbitration almost every time, so our unions have to be on the ball at all times. Taxpayers should be happy about that because it costs a bundle in legal fees for the city (we pay our own through our dues). None of us can strike but even if we could we wouldn't! Did I mention we have gone 3 3/4 years without a contract and are not expecting it this year either? Do you think the autoworkers would wait that long? I have friends who work for automakers, both different companies, both earn significantly more than me and both are on a line. One puts the same sticker on a door over and over, takes him a couple of seconds then waits a couple of minutes for the next car, he has full benefits (more than me) More holidays and sick time. The other does even less. I don't begrudge them, it's what they signed up for, but is it right?? Cars cost an awful lot don't they, wonder why??

So I agree with many of the posts, some unions have outlived their true use and others seem to keep a fine balance and are necessary. Too bad we can't sort the good ones out from the bad. Sorry not the greatest comment.


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