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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted August 19, 2009 at 16:07:07

JonC >> It's not a dedicated slow lane, it's a dedicated safe lane

If you were truly worried about your safety, you wouldn't ride your bike from Locke St to downtown, you would walk. Nobody is forcing you to put your life at risk, that's your choice and it indicates a recklessness on you part.

That being said, I agree that the 1% of cyclists in this city are entitled to at least 1% of the road. I think that would come out to about a 6 inch wide bike lane along Main and less than that on other streets.

>> If you'd prefer, we can slow all of traffic down to accommodate my desire to live.

I'd prefer the roads be sold off to the private sector.

arienc >> Why is speed of travel a factor as to who gets to travel and who doesn't?

Because roads are "owned" by the public and aren't in private hands, it stands to reason that the rules of the roads are set by majority opinion. The majority of people think roads are for cars and trucks, while bikes are for exercise and leisure. The problem with people on this site is that they live in a left wing bubble. They only talk with other lefties, so in their mind, everyone loves to cycle.

Open your eyes lefties, most people LOVE their cars and trucks. Deal with it.

>> If I follow your logic and get in my car instead of riding my bike, as well as all the other "green cultists" who cycle...what impacts do you forsee for road users?

More cars on the road will slow traffic down, push up gas prices and keep you safer than you would be on a bike. Higher gas prices make mass transit more attractive, while slower traffic apparently makes everyone safer, specifically pedestrians. As you can see, there are lots of positives with driving a car.

>> Do you have any evidence that making roads safer for cyclists slows down traffic?

How do you propose making the roads safe for cyclists? By painting a line on the road? How is this line going to stop you from being sideswiped by a careless driver? Even if you are following the rules of the road perfectly, dead is dead.

The only safe solution would be to install a hard physical barrier, like a cement curb, throughout the entire city. If you can gather the political support for that, more power to you.

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