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By jason (registered) | Posted January 29, 2007 at 12:32:57

I think 'right wing evangelicals' is a bit of an exagerration. This is one guy writing an email to the school board. I saw the film and would have no more of a problem with my kids watching it than having them read the top local news stories in the paper each day. I'm no fan of Gore, but it doesn't take much research these days to find out that virtually the entire global science community (not including those paid by the oil and gas industry) has been in agreement that global warming is happening for a few years now. The jury is still out on exact results of this phenomenon, but it's clear that greenhouse gases are a major problem and some huge ice caps in greenland and antartica are causing problems for scientists by melting faster than ever imagined. I have no problem with this fellow not agreeing with the film. That's his right and is probably re-enforced in his local paper each day with many editorials by the oil and gas lobby. To use that as an excuse to label all 'evangelicals' in a certain light is not right. There are huge segments of the US evangelical scene that fully support Kyoto and changing our polluting way of life.

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