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By BB (anonymous) | Posted August 05, 2009 at 00:11:47

Couldn't we send all those union types to countries where small children still work the machines? They could really use some help and maybe the stewards would finally earn their keep.

They have done some good but my Grandmother always told me "idle hands do the devils work" and it seems the unions are now looking to make work for themselves. They've become the new boss, and they're just as bad as the old boss.

There are growing groups of employees and citizens forming, trying to organize and protect themselves from the threats and bullying of the unions - and we will have our day. Shame. That tells me "the union" has become part of the system that we need protection from.

In a few hundred years, we'll probably need protection from this new group, etc, etc, until the end of time.

Any predator left unchecked will grow until all resources are consumed and all life in annihilated.

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