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By John CAO WFS Canada Chapter (anonymous) | Posted July 28, 2009 at 20:25:10

What would you say if someone told you that you are not obligated to have a government? Would you be surprised to discover that this is true? It is in fact true. In all of the commonwealth countries, the only lawful government is a representative one. Would it then be lawful to represent you without your consent? Certainly not. You can only be represented if you choose to be represented. This is one of many facts that our current government really does not want you to know. Through the tacit consent of the population of this landmass called Canada, a small group of individuals have placed themselves in positions of authority and have ignored the fact that they are "public servants". We, the population of this Earth, have allowed this to happen and have only ourselves to blame. They create statutes and call them laws, then demand that we adhere to these statutes under penalty of imprisonment or financial loss. We have allowed them to reduce our status from sovereign beings, in control of our own lives, to little more than corporate slaves, servicing the whims of government for their own ends. The World Freeman Society is not anti-government, but rather pro-good government. We believe that the elected servants should act for the good of the people and not the interests of themselves and their corporate buddies. Through education and enlightenment, we strive to make a positive change in the lives of everyone in this country and throughout the world by showing that we have tools to hold the people that choose to take power for themselves accountable for their actions.

The first steps to obtaining an understanding of the processes used by these "leaders" to control is to explore the mechanism of their control: words. We use words throughout our daily lives and rarely give a second thought to their actual
power. We have grown accustomed to the belief that words mean what we have been taught they mean. This is a very important falsehood that everyone needs to understand right from the start. Words can be redefined by the user to mean whatever
they want them to mean, a very common practice in law and one that has caused many to be held responsible for breaking the rules that simply don't apply to them. We here in Canada have an Act created by the government called the Interpretations Act.
It's only purpose is to redefine many words that are used in law to mean different things than we would normally expect. Even without the Interpretations Act, many words have been altered to mean things that we wouldn't expect. The word "understand" is one of them. To pretty much everyone this means to comprehend, but when used in conjunction with a law or statute it means to "stand under" or accept the authority of. When you are asked if you understand something by a judge or police officer, they aren't asking if you comprehend the words but if you submit to the authority of the words: a very different meaning and one that can deceive you into accepting a position of servitude when there isn't any right for that individual to hold power over you in the first place. I know that many will read this and discount it as drivel or the ravings of a lunatic as I did the first
time I heard it. I assure you that there are volumes of evidence to support that these concepts are indeed true and real.

Words like "apply", "submit", and "register" are used to gain control over your affairs. We would read these words and without a thought believe that they are innocuous and necessary. Apply, by definition in law means to "beg". By requiring
you to apply for something, they are demanding that you beg for that thing. Who has the authority to demand that you beg? Submit, in law, means to recognize the authority of another. We have been led to believe that it means to enter into record or start a process. In truth, to submit an application is to beg that someone take authority over you. Register is even more disturbing. To register means that you are abandoning the thing and turning title over to the body you are registering with. You are giving up ownership and transferring it to that agency. By registering your house, automobile, children or anything else, you are relinquishing control to an organization that holds its own interests as paramount. These are only a few of the words used to enslave you. There are many more.

As food for thought, here are a few definitions that you may not currently comprehend. A statute is a "rule of a society that has been given the force of law". If a statute must be given the force of law, how can it be a law? A society is " a
group of individuals gathered by mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act for a common goal". The operative word here is "consent". You cannot be compelled to be a member of any society. You must consent to be a part of it. So it begs the ques-
tion, what society is responsible for the current statutes that we are expected to be subject to and if we don't consent to being a part of that society, do the statutes actually apply to us? This is not a license to do whatever you want. You must be responsible for your actions and although statutes may not apply to you, you have the responsibility to uphold the common law which is actually very simple. Do no harm to another, do no harm to another's property and do no deception or mischief in your contracts. These laws are universal and make sense to everyone. By living with love and personal responsibility, the huge volumes of statutes in our country become unnecessary.

This only scratches the surface of the issue. Come and take the red pill and we can show you just how deep the rabbit hole actually goes. All we offer is the truth.

The World Freeman Society is dedicated to uncovering these truths and finding remedy to this imposed servitude for all. We have amassed a vast library of information through many thousands of hours of research by our members. We have
support forums to assist in the learning of these concepts and more. We extend an invitation to all to visit our society to learn how to take back the right of sovereignty and personal responsibility that we have all been born into. I am certain that you will be shocked and amazed at the depth of this deception imposed upon us by our trusted officials and, if you are like me, will find real answers to unspoken questions that have been nagging at you for most of your life.

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