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By sowhat (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2009 at 13:26:00

Weather inversion, anyone?

Too bad we don't learn from this little geographical anomaly and take a different approach to the outside world. Instead of attacking Rosie Tomata, or whomever, write something good about the city (as some have done above.) We'll never convince those who have made an investment, economic or emotional, in disliking our town. Let them go. And the immediate defensive posture has too often left us blind to some of our own faults.

Hamilton needs a "secret" PR campaign. Maybe call it Hamilton Secrets, or Secrets of the Hammer. We don't want anybody outside this town to know why we live here, and how we'll only share these secrets with our best out-of-town friends. Such a response would detail the little things that make life worthwhile around here. Evening walks on the Bruce Trail. Waterfall seclusion. Waterfowl in the backyard. An art gallery discovery. Finding the perfect fabric for the home decore. And more. Point is, nobody wants to know how Hamilton is hard done by. But everyone wants to know a secret.

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