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By RealityCheck (anonymous) | Posted June 19, 2009 at 16:36:38

McMaster has been given the role of whipping boy unfairly here. While it is true they turned down the offer of 'free' land downtown, its suitability for what Mac plans was in doubt. And we don't know the conditions in detail. From Mr. Dreschel's article today, we know half of the plot of land bordered by Main, Caroline, George and Queen was being offered to the school. That is roughly one-third the size of the plot of land at the school board site previously being considered by Mac.

With regards to its location at Innovation Park, that indicates a desire on Mac's behalf to dovetail medical research and health delivery into one multi-purpose campus. There is the space available at this site for such a facility, it is already land that Mac has in its possession, and they do have a tight deadline to ensure the student practitioner positions are delivered as per their arrangement with the provincial government.

I am amazed at how quickly the honeymoon with the Innovation Park ended. What was once considered here as a beacon for Hamilton's promising future is now being regarded as nothing more than a suburban business park accessible only by car via highway 403. Of course, pay no nevermind that the park in actuality will be serviced by Hamilton's future LRT B-line.

As far as Mr. Otis' offer of 'free' land goes, and knowing that the other half of his land would be occupied by a big-box-style retail drug store, how would this development contribute to the ideal of building up our urban core?

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