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By jason (registered) | Posted June 14, 2009 at 08:59:43

Really? I think we're all going back and forth on this one. LOL. Ultimately, I know all of us just hope that LRT is chosen and not BRT.

I've flipped my opinion and am sticking with 2-way LRT on King because:

a) I think King already has a streetwall conducive to walking, and LRT is all about activity and vibrancy near stations. It's far more commercial/retail oriented as well. Main has a lot more residential buildings with no streetfront retail uses.
b) Parking. I'm assuming that the rapid transit office will see the light on this one. 2 car lanes each way on Main and 2-way LRT on King still allows for curbside parking on Main from Dundurn to Sherman and on King from Wentworthish to Wellington, John to Bay and Queen to Dundurn. I'm fairly certain that business districts will demand a set-up that allows for this level of street parking. LRT on Main removes any chance of curbside parking on both King and Main.

But again, like you, I'm just crossing my fingers that we get LRT from Metrolinx and construction starts sooner, rather than later!

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