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By is there anything that can be done. (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2009 at 14:02:43

So with all of this said .. does this mean that there will be empty spots (parking lots) in our city for decades to come or with this snowball theory , all of the lots that are empty will be sold out within 10 years to building this place up and bringing money and population into the city? I understand there is alot of things that undermine the building aspect currently.. but does anyone have any clue to when the reign of the parking lot wasteland end? not exact dates I'm looking for but if someone could explain what would detour the current problem our city is facing? if I was mayor Id jump all over this and at least do something, at least take out anything empty in the core and replace it with something to serve the general public, such as jobs, office space, shelter.. something, and to the mayors defense I think he prob looked into this problem already and is working on it or maybe he hasnt but ... I dont know, it pains me to see so much potential in my own city go to waste to some slack jaw watching his rat-hole parking space deteriorate and cause the city to look horrible and rundown.. Im just a normal local much like everyone else reading on this site.. but something HAS to be done to clean up the city's act so that we dont have problems for something that is worth something wanting to move downtown then to be moved probably to an entirely different city.

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