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By JM (registered) | Posted June 12, 2009 at 09:13:40

yea... the city DID expropriate entire blocks to build Jackson Square

but that just got them stuck in a 99 year lease, and a lot of space they cant fill!

if the city expropriates these lands, they would have to sell it to a developer in order for anything to happen - which will put them back to exactly where they are now

the city cant just keep spending its (our) money on building empty shells...

and they are on the right track with the loans programs - people just need to understand that things dont happen overnight. its all about private-public partnerships...

the snowball just needs to be pushed down a hill, right now its sitting on a plateau

btw, "Really?" ...the School Board will never sell off their parking lot, unless they find someway to redevelop their site. its free parking for their employees

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