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By Frank (registered) | Posted June 12, 2009 at 08:53:38

Highwater, all of those sites are well within walking distance (we're talking a few hundred feet) of King Street and I don't think that putting LRT on King would make anyone less likely to visit the AGH Hamilton Place and City Hall. I don't think these venues can be called a civic "heart". If you look at the way they're accessed now, usually evenings and weekends for the AGH and Hamilton Place, it seems relatively futile to run a train through them. The Gore area has far higher pedestrian volumes and as someone else was saying, King appears to have a higher ec dev potential. King Street also runs past Jackson Square, The Standard Life Building (which by my guess has more ppl using it than City Hall), it's closer to Copps, it's closer to Ivor Wynne etc... I think King should get it hands down. I'd still like to see the entire Gore area as a pedestrian plaza accessed only by buses and/or trains....

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