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By William Ashley (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2009 at 05:43:13

I think that this is good for people who beleive in free unfettered expression online.

On a side note I think this is more an issue of resources required.
The net is "international". The internet would be shut down in large part if a proactive approach to censorship of non compliant sites and streams occured. Thousands upon thousands of sites would be in violation of the CRTC rules. In this same respect I'm sure many would complain etc.. which would bog the CRTC down.

None the less it should happen if the CRTC is serious, since New Media has been around for a while and has suplanted traditional media to a certain extent, and will only continue to.

I think what this says is, the CRTC does not plan to regulate media online, unless it comes from a "broadcaster" eg. news sites etc..; however even in this respect they arn't even taking these steps. What is a legitimate broadcast source vs. non legitimate.
What about Canadians who have websites in other countries etc..

I think all these issues could be addressed, but the CRTC just doesn't want to deal with it.

Leaving serious incidences to the the police, who are light on internet crime, and the CRTC mums. None the less I think that this is a continued move that the internet is "open" as you can choose your content, and is not a reliable source of information, so caveat emptor.

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