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By Really? (registered) | Posted June 11, 2009 at 14:22:33

I also attended, and was dissapointed with the lack of any NEW info. Then again, it's kinda my own fault as I'm sure to read up on every bit of info AS SOON as it's available online... so that's why I concentrated on asking questions.

I, unfortunately, was unable to speak with Jill (she's quite popular!) and was stuck with a younger gentleman. I was VERY dissapointed with his responses as he seemed unexcited about the project, suggesting LRT is still a long shot??

On the bright side, it's clear most Staff and Hamiltonians in general are ontop of this project (despite the low turnout at the 6-8pm Downtown presentation). Perhaps if they hadn't of hid it in the basement of the Sheraton Hotel with tiny 8X10 sized papers trying to point us in it's direction...

LISTEN UP CITY STAFF: It's high time you REALLY start to garner support of EVERY citizen (not just urbanists/public transit riders). To be fair, there are still wayyyyy too many Public Transit Users that don't even know of LRT or a Rapid Transit Project in Hamilton at all. Infact, I have yet to see any real advertising on the buses (I'm on the B-Line twice a day) besides those tiny pamphlettes at the front.

LETS GET THE WORD OUT... or better yet, let's bring the LRVs (Light Rail Vehicles)OUT, get Hamiltonians IN them and maybe then there will be total excitement from ALL Hamiltonians?! That way, Urbanists & Ham-LRT's supporters will have that many more voices to drown the Old School cries of status-quo (aka one-way everything).

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