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By jason (registered) | Posted June 11, 2009 at 09:52:33

the consultant plan is murky, but they make mention of something like a shared space concept for that narrow stretch through the International Village. I got the impression that the bumpouts would be removed and a narrow area suitable for people and slow moving cars would be developed. Kind of like a cobblestone 'naked street' concept, but again, it was murky at best.

The route map shows median stations at every other stop, but at King/Ferguson it shows the trains being right next to each other with passengers boarding from the sidewalk side.
Gardens can be replanted, but you're right about the trees. That area has a great tree canopy now.

Ryan, you forgot one VERY important piece of the puzzle when trying to discern opposition to the plan: Hamilton's media.

Nothing sells papers like a 60 size, bold font on the front page proclaiming 'TWO-WAY GRIDLOCK'.

Personally, I think they are already licking their chops at the prospects of increasing revenue and sales due to the sheer size and magnitude of this project. And of course, the fact that it messes with our old-school residents who are addicted to the one-way freeways, regardless of the damage they cause.

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