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By I wanna be a mayor (registered) | Posted June 06, 2009 at 02:43:45


What I find most amazing is the ability of an individual to cascade a wide net of evasion to truth, logic or reality of his current situation. We have seen it all including an RV that has many sponsorship names, selective participation to several committees only to conclude that when it gets tough the only alternative is to deploy an attack.

Leadership is a privilege not a right in this community.

One cannot attach themselves to any/all reported developments of this community for the sole purpose of personal benefit or gain. Without claim.

More importantly attach such claim to every public/private event in and around the City of Hamilton for the purpose of publicity via a home grown Web page? Is this the true calling of philanthropy. Clearly amazing? Read between the lines.

I think this current event extends right into the laps of the City of Hamilton. The reality is that many more events will follow as matters are fully exposed.

It takes a man to declare that he has done something wrong.....but it takes a bigger man to leverage it. This is the current methodology and demenor that can only be described as a witch hunt.

Don't let this event die down. Get on board the RV or the Suv`s. We can call them the peoples free business expense or just plain party favours to all that will listen.

And if you have read this far, give me a chance before you pick-up your ball from the play ground and back pedal to Grimsby.

Try to remember my friends. Leadership starts with "Lead not BIG." Cash is short term.......integrity like Ms Chapman last a life time. Priceless.

I wanna be a Mayor Too.

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