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By adrian (registered) | Posted June 05, 2009 at 22:44:34

Fancy? Shmancy! That graph is awesome! Very nice work.

You're bang on with this post. It would take a complete change in mindset, I think, for our municipal government to start looking at their data as our data (which, of course, it is) and giving us good ways of getting it. But I think its possible. I've been impressed by some of the visionary thinking I've seen from certain individuals well-placed at City Hall and I think there's a real opportunity here.

I would also note that it's not just the City that should provide this information; it's every government-funded agency and non-profit as well. There are many organizations who look at their data as their own strategic information and guard it jealously, even though they are partly or entirely funded by taxpayers.

By giving us a good way to retrieve information, we can go ahead and formulate it into knowledge, which benefits everyone.

I'd be curious to see what kind of official response you'd get if you broached this with the city.

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