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By JonC (registered) | Posted June 03, 2009 at 14:20:22

All he's doing now is ensuring his marketing company will never see a dime of city money if Hamilton does adopt the City of Waterfalls moniker.

What I love best about the current article is contrasting:

"Mr. Ecklund said he found the comments [from one single person] 'hurtful' and "upsetting""


"Mr. Ecklund said he has received over 500 email messages, and numerous calls from people"... "I've never felt this amount of love and support before," he said. "It's touching. I am really humbled by it all."

So humbled he continues to throw a hissy fit, punish unrelated third parties and hold a gun to the Spectator's head (leave it alone or else). My assumption now is that the million dollar figure he tossed out there before was completely fictional and his aim is to raise an uproar over Chapman and get her removed from subcommittee.

Reference for his million dollar statement is here "I was to make a major donation at 2 p.m. announcing, at the headquarters of the Hamilton Conservation Authority, a multi-year philanthropic donation covering the next 30 years ... This donation would in its entirety have exceeded $1 million in value."

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