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By artistridesbents (anonymous) | Posted May 29, 2009 at 19:53:16

Hi all, I just posted but i clicked "yes" when an update firewall popped up(?) msg gone and I had expected "restore previous session"

Anyway, I want to post a bit late event.

I have a show of my paintings displayed all May at Bad Dog cafe on Locke St but it's paintings of non theme variety. Nothing related to cycling, political or Critical Mass (missed again) etc.
I do plan on more variety but I'm grateful to even show my art in a long time.
I do more used bike sales and services is at this time better income than art.

Every1 sees me around but most don't have a clue what I do for living.

Ok, show at Bad Dog last day and take down is May 31st Sunday.

Reception tomorrow 7-9 pm.

I want to say this too.....I won awards for my art few times and sold some at a great price but slowed to a snail over yr ago.

Bad Dog cafe owner suggested I lower my paintings to sell at around $200 or so. My jaw near hit the floor as that's less what I earned in the 70s. I did lower all my paintings in show but I'm more interested in showing and getting more known.

Especially when Transit Gallery across St sold a simple abstract(?!) $3500 (?!) and others too.

that's depressing but I block that out.

Top selling for me yrs ago is $1600 and drop by Forsythe Lubrication on Chatham St but asked if u can view this painting I won 1st prize.

I will post other event soon. I will read all the RTH news shortly...



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