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By imperial (anonymous) | Posted May 28, 2009 at 09:27:10

Adrian is right on the mark.

The session was decent but brought to the forefront our need to define what the 'creative' or 'cultural' industry is for Hamilton. We should feel free to ignore the definition of others cities and theorists, and simply come up with something that will help shape Hamilton's future.

Adrian noted that I wanted to make a distinction between Florida's definition and what I see at "creative". I would certainly include the work Adrian and Factor-e are as creative as it is focused on the creation of cultural content (websites, especially those that are for communication portals, distribution of content, are definitely in my definition). That's exactly why I suggested tyler Cowie be interviewed as part of the Building a Creative Catalyst process.

We've charted a few hundred organizations and business in the creative industry in Hamilton on a timeline. One of our major gaps came with the internet. Hamilton led beautifully in the age of radio, television, but when it came to hop online we fell flat - we're were naively satisfied that our existing radio, tv and print distribution channels would serve us well into the future.

Enbracing digital content creators will certainly play a large role in our future, and hopefully the City if Hamilton plan for 'cultural' indsutries supports that.

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