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By UrbanRenaissance (registered) | Posted May 28, 2009 at 07:58:03

If the Cable/Satellite companies were smart they'd go to an all "On-Demand" style system where users pay per show (or maybe a monthly fee for X number of shows a month) and only see a couple of ads before and after the broadcast, similar to what Hulu does online.

The cable/satellite companies would make their money by selling the ads before and after shows and also selling the viewership stats to advertisers and content providers.

Consumers would benefit by only having to pay for what they watch, they could watch it whenever they wanted, and coupled with a DVR it could be paused and rewound.

Advertisers would see a huge benefit to this system as well, rather than getting estimated viewership data from the antiquated Nielson System they'd have access to the total number of times the show was viewed a much more accurate indication of a show's popularity.

TV Stations could transition from broadcasters to content providers, freeing up capital to make quality programming. If a show faired poorly then the whole station wouldn't suffer, just that show. This would allow them to take more chances on non mainstream shows.

Maybe someday we'll have people running and regulating our technology who actually understand it and understand how we want to interact with it.

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