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By Mike (registered) | Posted May 26, 2009 at 10:24:21

Homer Simpson described this situation best ... "sure it will save a few lives, but millions will be LATE!!!"

I have lived 15 years in TO (various neighborhoods including that one) and 15 years in Hamilton. A wise decision by Toronto Council in my opinion. It took a while because of almost murderous opposition to ... a quality of life improvement? Are you guys reading some of that? "Vow revenge?" etc. What on earth is going on?

While numerous other cities beautify their cities and tackle these tough issues head on, even ones that get snow, a tiny step in the right direction has Toronto brewing into a (verbal at least) civil war? Such a false dichotomy (convert one lane = what you're ripping out the 401 and banning cars!!!oneeleven!), and poor reporting leaving out so much relevant data (deliberately inflammatory instead of intelligent and constructive as others noticed too).

I looked at the PDF cross section for Jarvis (how beautiful would it be if Main or King ever looked like their proposed layout). Interesting how similar to Main Street the cross section of Jarvis looks.

Now for the star trek fans ... tell me, how many lanes, er, lights do you see?

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