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By artistridesbents (anonymous) | Posted May 23, 2009 at 21:43:11

Ok, I had to re register forget my pass and etc.

Anyway, My name is Richard Dominick an avid cyclist and actually an artist by profession. art for me has been way down over a yr but I do bicycle repairs and sell parts but near non profit. I work with or help out recycle Cycles and accept hpv donations. I frequent at Mac Cycle and all this is a great help.

I am trying hard to show my art work and fortunately have displayed my art at Bad Dog cafe. I lowered my paintings substanstially(sp?)price wise...

but more interested in getting recognition.

I was shocked that Transit gallery showing abstract that many people I know can't understand how one piece was sold for $3500 (no comment!)

I have had lots of great compliments for my art at Bad dog but no sales yet!

I am planning to cause a stir just for the fun of it! No rules for art so I plan on covering the prices with a strip.

Presently my lowest is $250. Others are more.

Yes I have a sense of humour, hope others do too!

Anyway, show on til May 31st and flyers posted here and there.


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