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By geoff's two cents (anonymous) | Posted May 16, 2009 at 17:35:55

Darren, thanks for the article. Having recently relocated to Vancouver (not quite by choice), this west coast native misses the unpretentious vibe of downtown Hamilton. I do occasionally shop at thrift stores, though I've never once had luck with pants or shirts, only blazers and jackets. I do agree, from a "green" perspective, that more people should consider looking second-hand, though I suppose that would be contingent on people shopping brand-new to begin with. As for having a greater selection of shopping options - new, used, consignment, independent - you're bang on, though, for measurements like mine (wide shoulders, long arms), I'm usually stuck buying new; my girlfriend, however, was better able to take advantage of the wide range of used, consignment and independent shopping in the city.

Capitalist, you have once again missed the point, and I've yet to see any indication that you possess even the remotest understanding of a green/environmentalist perspective. At any rate, you simply do not make the effort. I agree with the notion of choice, but take issue when a person's choice (to drive/pollute everywhere needlessly, build freeways and houses in sprawling subdivisions with poor transit over creeks and farmland, etc.) has such a disproportionate impact on those who try to live a more ecologically responsible life.

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