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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted May 13, 2009 at 13:33:42

Ryan >> The issue is that current charges aren't enough to cover the necessary but expensive expansion of water and sewer treatment and distribution facilities.

Why should new home buyers have to pay the full cost of expanding treatment facilities? In the free market, if a business has to expand, it passes these costs on to all of it's customers, not simply new customers. Therefore, make developers pay the cost of laying pipe, building roads, but not for the expansion of water facilities.

>> Businesses tend to want free markets for everyone else and preferential treatment for themselves.

Therefore, how do we solve this, by giving government more of taxpayers money to spend, or less?

>> Sprawl also forces public service providers to re-deploy their scarce resources outward.

I agree, make people pay the true costs of what they consume. However, this also includes public transit. By subsidizing mass transit, the government is promoting excess fuel consumption, air pollution and GHG emissions. It may be less than subsidizing roads, but it is not as effective as a true market based approach.

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