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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted May 10, 2009 at 22:56:31

Grassroots >> You go on about god, what the heck does that mean, really come on now.

If you do not believe that God exists, that's okay. It just means that your hope in this world (government, mankind) is still alive and well. At some point in time, when all of your options are gone and all you have left is complete hopelessness, that's when he will show himself to you.

>> I am not trying to upset those those follow religious practices and believe but please do not cite things in my mind that go against the human reality.

You sound skeptical and I think that's a great thing, it shows me you think and that you care about getting things right and not blindly following what other people say.

>> Under the name of religion, many injustices have been done

I agree 100%. I personally don't go to church and am still confused by how religion and God actually relate to one another. What I do know, is that speaking to God directly has brought me valuable insight in my own life and may be a good start for those who don't trust religion. For example, if you are confused about something, just ask God for direction and see if that helps. It can't hurt.

>> You are a puppet in the big scheme of things eschewing your propaganda on the views of our current world of views that have nothing to do with the reality of things

Your sense of reality is based on what you see and hear, nothing more. Just for fun, if you are so certain of how things really are, explain what existed before time began, or what exists beyond this universe. No human knows these things and yet we carry on as if reality is real, even though we are all floating on a big blue ball, surrounded by other balls, in the middle of nothing, without any idea of why we are even here. 99.99999% of life is a mystery and yet you are certain that you know the reality of things. That's pretty damn arrogant.

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