Comment 30906

By openforum (anonymous) | Posted May 07, 2009 at 16:25:14

The supression of comments simply because enough people voted negatively against the comment sounds an awful lot like censorship to me. If not enough people like what you say, your opinion will be supressed. Not exactly the kind of activity one would expect to find at RTH.

RTH describes itself as such: "Raise the Hammer is dedicated to providing a variety of views and approaches to the goal of making Hamilton a great city. Towards that end, we encourage readers to contribute feedback, letters to the editor, and article submissions."

I am not sure how the practice of supressing unpopular comments could be reconciled with this statement. I can understand frustration with comments like what A Smith has made in the past, but IMO a policy like this would compromise this site's integrity, to the point where I personally would be reluctant to continue visiting this site.

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