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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted May 06, 2009 at 09:59:58

As each day passes more bull. If there is a code of conduct, then it should be followed. This is the danger when we are reading the words from the represenative of the chamber, that it is not gift but something else. They have the means, the ways to influence the policy makers which may not look out for the best intrests of the people.

The chamber has ignored the voices of the people and to be honest somehow it is not right that business owners, who may violate workers rights to be having a say, yet those voices of the workers are not heard.

As far as some the not for profits, there is one in particular, that has no interests in the rights workers either. They use oppressive rules of Ontario Works, which have denied workers their rights. You get no information about employers in accordance to Occupational Health and Safety, so in my example if an employer has more then 5 fulltime employees they must have a workers rep or if they have more then twnty full time employees, that they must have a joint health and safety committee. The objective is to get you off the system and they could care less if employment standards are complied with. In the meantime Mr Executive Director or CEO who makes the big bucks on the backs of those that are marginalized is somehow seen as the good guy.

If the people, the grassroots cannot tell their stories, the truth, then what is the point? How is this community to move forward?

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