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By Sick of Sam (anonymous) | Posted May 06, 2009 at 00:16:20

Sam Merulla only speaks of environmental sustainability issues that are a concern. The last time I checked, sustainability in today's world refers to Sustainable Development, with environmental sustainability issues being just one leg in a three-legged stool. There are also Social and Economic issues. When the stool is equally balanced, it is the making of a great community. The focus of the summit was the Economic leg of the stool, but if Sam had attended, he could have brought forward his concerns of "environmental sustainability issues", and the Social ones as well, of course being those of his constituents.

Sam Merulla does occasionally come up with an idea worth exploring - an economic summit, with all constituents invited. This could be a summit for the small business community and their clients. It might be a good idea. However, there is nothing to say that free enterprise with lots of money can't hold an economic summit with all important people invited. I guess Sam Merulla is not important enough to them, so he was not invited. His past comments and actions have done nothing to support the business community nor the City of Hamilton as a whole. Only to his constituents does he look good. To Sam, it is all about looking good, in more ways than one. Unfortunately, the majority of Ward 4 voters can't see past his great hair and style, and his raw raw I will protect the people attitude. And he does maintain his budget well. He just saved the city $400 by not attending the summit.

I hope voters in Ward 4 are better informed in the future and vote somebody in that is concerned about the City of Hamilton as a whole. If Merulla could only get it, he would be an all right councilor. First though, I suggest he read the City of Hamilton's Sustainable Development Plan. He then might understand that there are three issues of sustainability - Environmental, Social and Economic.

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