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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted May 05, 2009 at 23:03:46

Whoa, tangent. And a scary one.

To find a new job may take a little more... a lot of hard work for one.

Sure, I'm a person of faith myself, but it takes a lot more than passively waiting for opportunities to fall from the sky, magically provided, and only waiting for jobs that make one feel "positive and fulfilled"? If that`s the case, many of us have sure been screwing things up with all this hard work and education and doing crappy jobs that make us feel negative and tired ;)

Because the times I've done cleaning and roofing and landscaping and regrouting tile and making coffee sure weren't done based on what I "want" to do or their fulfilling nature, but because they were honest work to pay the bills.

Work is work, not play. "Positive and fulfilled" aren't really part of the equation much of the time, especially when we're taking what we can get until something better comes along that can fit into the positive, fulfilling, and even enjoyable categories - but not everyone gets that. A lot of us do what we have to do and find our joy in other things.

It's pretty dangerous to say that God gives the resources to "take care" of any situation. Sometimes what we need to do is stay and make things right. But sometimes we need to have the smarts to just leave, and not think we're there to fix it.


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