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By Con Black (anonymous) | Posted May 05, 2009 at 22:04:35

hunter >> It seems like the 'exclusionary' nature of the summit is based on efficiency, not arrogance. Councillors are available and accessible to everyone and they should be at the summit to represent the people their views. That's an efficient way to operate.

Just like the way communism is more 'efficient' than the free market? That worked well didn't it?

Same thing with ideas. Good ideas stand on their own, they are not popularity contests; a single great idea from some Joe on the street can easily beat a popular one in the bidness crowd. Failure to listen to this Joe can be nothing other than arrogance.

The reason the free market outperforms the communist model is exactly the same reason that the people's ideas will outperform those of the elites.

hunter >> Not to invite half a million people to come down to the summit and share their ideas. If representing their constituents is too much of a burden for councillors like Merulla, then get the hell out of office.

The really good ideas will come from some of those half million and NOT the old boys. If councilors could mine that expertise and represent those ideas without their own agendas that would be good. Unfortunately, can you give an example of a councilor who does that? Didn't think so. So simply attending doesn't represent constituents.

Merulla may be a childish pain in the ass, but based on ability he is pretty much the last one who should 'get the hell out of office'.

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