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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted May 05, 2009 at 20:47:29

A Smith: Am I in a great mood, no I am not, but then you have not been just through what I have been through I doubt you'd be in a good mood either.

For most of my working years, meals have not been a priority but in the example I gave above after standing operating a machine after six hours, it was a bit much. even when I worked at a fast food place, they understood the value of meal breaks.

My employer was beating the crap out of someone in their office, how would you feel hearing someone crying do not hit me? How would you rate a manager or owner that is kicking the shoes of an employee across the office screaming that they hate them? How would you feel that almost on a daily basis you are berated, insulted, intimidated, your workday is like living on egg shells. And their wrath and anger turns on you for following their instructions. And in following their instructions another worker does not do what they are suppose to and takes the work home and at home is the former employee whose shoes were kicked across office.

You call health and safety and WSIB as you this type of abuse is intolerable. Bill 168 which covers this type of abuse has only passed the first reading. You have Health and safety, WSIB telling you yes it is a health and safety issue but the law is not there yet.

There is a breaking point when your employer is standing right in front of your face, nose to nose, screaming, as an employee, you have not done anything really wrong. Am I suppose to wait till they actually hit me because to be honest I felt that the employer was almost ready to do so, and given that the employer was whacking someone else the day before, tell me what would you do?

You give your all, you even hold your pay because money is tight, you buy your own supplies as needed, you give your heart and soul, even taking courses that would eventually help the company in the long run.

Plase explain to me what you would do?

Oh well even though I could not have them cited them under section 50 or 25 of occuaptional health and safety act, they did receive a few written orders on section 8. How many times do you have to complain about someone'e behavior before something is done? Who is standing up for my rights? I will have to fight for EI but in the meantime, who knows with the job market as it is, I could end up in the streets as welfare is not to support myself and pay my obligations.

Which of these overpaid bureaucrats, politicians and so on are standing up for me?

You got a job?

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