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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted May 05, 2009 at 17:04:29

I am going to add my two cents. I agree with Mr Merulla, that the Chamber Commerce, as a fee paying organization, puts its own agenda before that of the people, the workers. These agenda's have nothing to with social justice. In fact when Mr Duncan came to Hamilton some time back, it was reported in the spec all the cutbacks this group was calling for. Those cutbacks that affect those at the bottom of the income scale.

I find it sort of hilarious knowing that a local temp company owner has a loud voice around issues of economic development. My own experiences with this company are somewhat questionable. Under employment standards, a worker is entitled to 30 minute meal break after five hours not six. Under Occuaptional Health and Safety Act, workers must be oriented in all health and safety issues in the workplace. I asked a question about what emergency procedures would be, plus my complaint about the mealbreaks. My reward, was to be terminated. So if the temp company is my employer why and where was the enforcement of my rights? Why was I was terminated for trying to stand up for my rights. In this company's particular website, one see the words, we are in compliance with the Ministry of Labour, but in my experience, where was the compliance on meal breaks, where was the compliance on the health and safety issue. As a worker who was struggling what right did they have to ignore legislated law? Why was the client company not cited? I have heard many other stories for temp workers about this company, yet they have a voice but the workers do not? Yes it is clear in my mind who is dicating policies in this regard. Bill 139 is a start, these workers need more protection from the unscruplous dealings between the temp companies and their clients. Temp companies do not create jobs, they just make a living manipulating and/or impeding the rights of workers.

Where are the voices from the grassroots, those that speak for the marginalized, the working poor and those trying to find work in our ever changing economic climate. In looking at the list of the member of the Jobs Prosperity Collaberative , it is filled with CEO types from various business, government and the not for profit sector that are not necessarily looking out for the interests of the people, the workers and families that struggle and very often apply the oppressive policies of Ontario Works. But what the hell, they earn their big dollars, while having the money and the were for all to influence the policy makers, which mostly stomp on the rights of those that are the most oppressed. If there is to be progress, then the voices of the people need to be heard, a part of the process.

The people need to tell their stories about some of these organziations, let us clear the air, let the dirty linen hang out in the open.

Let the voices of the people be heard. Where is the social justice? All this does is reconfirm the words "money talks and bullshit walks".

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