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By hunter (anonymous) | Posted May 05, 2009 at 15:25:10

Merulla isn't going because it isn't his party. That's easy to see.

I suspect the invite criteria is based on the ready and able Capability of the invitees to make decisions and actions that will improve Hamilton's economy. It doesn't matter that the 'people' without means or power won't be there telling them how they should do it. The city councillors should be there on behalf of the people, at least to see what is going on. A summit is a meeting of powerful people. The councillors are powerful because they have their constituents, some informed by sites like raisethehammer, behind them.

It seems like the 'exclusionary' nature of the summit is based on efficiency, not arrogance. Councillors are available and accessible to everyone and they should be at the summit to represent the people their views. That's an efficient way to operate. Not to invite half a million people to come down to the summit and share their ideas. If representing their constituents is too much of a burden for councillors like Merulla, then get the hell out of office.

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