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By Margaret (anonymous) | Posted May 01, 2009 at 20:10:55

This is really rather disgusting. Especially on Jack Layton's part - to allow himself to be courted by Harper. The Bloc too - because their support for the Tories is self-serving, if they go along with it. Of course, it's related to the fact that the Liberals are ahead of the Tories in Quebec.

Hopefully the Bloc supporters in Quebec will see what Duceppe is doing, if he does do it -- and punish the Bloc at the polls. This is the point at which I see we do not need a party in Parliament that is not accountable to the rest of Canada.

As for Layton - he's going to be a walking ghoul if he does this. His days will be numbered; Canada will never forget that he was willing to go that far and ignore his principles, just to get back at Ignatieff.

The lot of them are revolting. Harper, Layton and Duceppe. How in the name of God did Layton think they were going to pull off a coalition in the first place? There IS NEVER GOING TO BE AN NDP Prime Minister and there will NEVER BE a Bloc Prime Minister. Not going to happen.

Take a poll in Canada, and find out how many Canadians would like to get rid of the NDP, and get the Bloc out of Parliament and see how that one goes.

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