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By arienc (registered) | Posted April 30, 2009 at 16:55:47

Jason...glad to see you're as excited about this video as I am. Especially like seeing the guy in the jacket & tie, and the beautiful green-painted cross-ways over the highway ramp. The courtesy shown by drivers there (obviously used to sharing the roadways, unlike here) is a beautiful thing to behold.

For the skeptics...just imagine the possibilities...if 15-20% of drivers are able to use bicycles instead of cars, think about the reduction in the number of single-occupancy automobiles on the roads, and the increased quality of life for both drivers and cyclists. Think about the land/development value gained from businesses having to provide so much less parking. There's no justification for cities to even think about delaying on cycling infrastructure.

Something like 56% of GTA residents live 8 km or less away from work, or less than half an hour, even for someone of average fitness like myself. That's a tremendous base of people that could consider cycling. Plus the added benefit of using time you would have spent travelling anyway, to get some free cardio.

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