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By jason (registered) | Posted April 30, 2009 at 12:34:02

I just finished slowly going through this entire report over the past couple weeks, and I'm certainly finding myself leaning more towards the side of this two-way option.
This of course, is in contrast to my recent blog entries suggesting that one-way might be the preferred option. I'm still not sold on either option, but I can see some huge reasons to support this two-way option. 1. Traffic reductions 2. Ease of use for LRT riders 3. Proper, two-way street design as opposed to one-way. 4. Far less crossing of the LRT tracks by having them in the centre of the roadway.

Although it would appear as though this set-up could fit better with the LRT on Main instead of King, I think the LRT should be on King. It's more street-oriented and has greater potential for vibrant streetlife and business than Main.

However, I'm not sold on the idea of virtually no street parking along the entire length of both streets. If the LRT were down the centre of Main, street parking could still exist along King. Having said that, I'd take the LRT on King over Main even if it means losing parking.

I worry that Main st might just start functioning like one of the 'uppers' on the Mountain. Would developers feel demand to put more parking lots with new developments on these streets if there was no street parking?? We certainly don't want more lots along an LRT route.

Furthermore, what will happen to the stretch of King in the International Village??

Lots of questions, but I do find myself leaning towards this two-way scenario now that I have read more info on the subject.

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