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By everywhere (anonymous) | Posted April 24, 2009 at 19:26:31

CH keeps changing ownership but I learned MANY don't like this station at all. The news is fine and sometimes 5:30 live kinda like a Seinfeld show. This city is a dumping ground for fixed incomes and welfare and had gotten worse. Because of the low rent but the news could report more positive and enlighting news.
I love TO but i also like some areas of Hamilton. To earn a living here being yourself can be tough or could also be a great thing.
I don't believe in recessions but I forgot who started all this BS.
Gas prices at pumps? The media reporting "poor economic times" people holding back in fear losing their jobs? Now a circle with no beginning nor ending?
Now my P/T job may end soon too because I work for a guy(retired) but losing substancially in the stock market!
I'm cycling as sole commute and do bike repairs when needed. I'm an artist too but art sales has been down to nil over a yr but am going another direction.
I now see the cutbacks at "some" cafes and especially grocery stores.
I personally live a safer life don't smoke, cycle everywhere and eat healthy as I can, shop more at Basics/Frills.

Last...Lots of deep pockets drive the distance to get the deals
but not fair when I cycle not poluting the air, and find these products on shelf empty!

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