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By Good Article! (anonymous) | Posted April 24, 2009 at 14:44:43

Good insight into a Torontonians mind, Rusty. Thanks! I have only heard of Torontonians who find Hamilton a much more people-friendly place, but I also know one person who moved from Parkdale ('downtown' TO) to the Centre Mall area of Hamilton.

She is disgusted by the new Centre Mall, and wishes she had known more about it's future when she purchased her super, super cheap house a couple years ago.
She now keeps telling me how she hates her neighbourhood and wishes she had chosen somewhere more south, closer to the escarpment. She, sadly, doesn't even like Ottawa Street (maybe she doesn't sew?).

But when the 'leadership' we're stuck with at City Hall -which is stuck themselves in a outdated, unhealthy, rediculously environmentally UNfriendly manner of political process- then what does one expect?

We need some progressive free-thinkers, with influence, who aren't afraid of Squelchers bringing down their 'Approval Rating'.

Any ideas on tap? Ryan? ;);)

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