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By FenceSitter (anonymous) | Posted April 24, 2009 at 09:49:38

If you take away Ward 3 (26%), most wards are pretty comparable. Maybe a little lower in the downtown/east end wards, but not by much (excluding ward 3). Mid 30s seems to be a trend. Dundas 43%, Stoney Creek 41% and West Mountain 43% certainly came out to vote.

Ward 2 (downtown) was 31%, so I guess with ward 3, downtown was quite a bit lower. I am not quite ready to jump to conclusions!!

Remember, percentages are of votes/registered voters. Numbers of unregistered or non-elligible voters are not represented.

RTH - could we open up a new discussion here?

I will spend some time looking at the results. Happy to submit something. I would be interested in hearing comments about our system versus Boston/Portland/Vancouver or other cities, voter apathy etc...

Here is link to 2006 results.

RIP Picton Library.

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