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By Mike (registered) | Posted April 23, 2009 at 21:54:36

Wow, another douchebag ragging on Oshawa who's never been there. As gamwam points out, Oshawa has a lot more going for it than you guys bother finding out about. The whole thing is not unlike me going on about how shitty Moby Dick is, even though I've never read it. But some guy who had to read it once in OAC told me it's shit, so I guess I'll take my cues from there.

And Chris Hume has a hate-on for any city that isn't covered from top to bottom with maglev tracks for solar-powered eco-trains and bike lanes. I wouldn't take too much of what he says on the subject at face value. The fact is the developer gets a sliver of dumpy land nobody uses anyway (I emphasize it's a tiny sliver), for parking spaces that are needed in a pretty disadvantaged area of town. Aside from the ridiculously low price the City gets for it, it seems like a fairly good deal. Or, what... Hamilton has existed in its current for centuries, having sprung out of the ground like magic? Never had to pave over a tree or two?

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