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By jason (registered) | Posted April 23, 2009 at 10:21:37

highwater, thanks for more insight into the Mac/Westdale truck route issue....again though, inner city residents have been trying for years to get their residential streets taken off legal truck route maps. No luck whatsoever. in fact, check out the renderings of the York Blvd streetscape plan on the city's website - it shows a big transport on York. As if it fits the ideals of turning that stretch into a pedestrian-oriented place.

At least Westdale got their old truck route taken off the maps. We heard over and over about the billion dollar Linc/Red Hill that would allow for this to happen on Cannon/Wilson/York etc.... yet, since the opening of those highways I haven't heard a peep from city hall about redoing the truck routes.

I was almost crushed by one toppling onto the sidewalk in front of me on Dundurn North once, and other neighbours have had similar experiences walking with their children to Dundurn Park to play.
Sadly, our homes, parks, children and residential neighbourhoods have to live with this constant threat that would never been allowed in Ancaster, Westdale etc.....

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